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Commissioner Meek's Work


Michael is a retired Firefighter, having served 25 years.

Sandoval county currently has $1 million of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding which can be used to address the negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency.

Collaborated with CNM and the Shumann Foundation to implement Upskill Sandoval County, a workforce development program that provides opportunities for local workforce to pursue training and education to help build the economy in Sandoval County. This is free training and education for Sandoval County residence.

Assisted funding ($750,000) for water infrastructure replacement under road repairs in Rio Rancho. Provided funding to assist with the repaving of Southern Boulevard west  of Unser Blvd.

Received accreditation from the State for Detention Center policies and performance, completed renovation that updated facilities to current standards that were in disrepair due to lack of maintenance for decades. 

Infrastructure Priority List to itemize and prioritize roads and bridges for repair in the County.

Bond for a second PNM solar farm (500 acres).

2 years won Energy Efficient Star Award from PNM for Sandoval County Administration Building and Judicial Complex.

Erected a new animal shelter for Animal Control, there was no facility.

Passed a GOB for a new public safety building for Sheriff's Office. Updated safety equipment for Sheriffs' vehicles, ambulances for Fire Rescue and Communications without raising taxes. Converted old Rail Runner building into SCFD admin building and training area saving millions not having to build a new building.

Payroll initiative to increase pay for County employees so they are not at lowest wage scale in the area.

Affordable Housing Bond for apartment complex in Rio Rancho.

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